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I update user info using wp_update_user function. I also need to update the table wp_bp_xprofile_data. Is there any function, where I can update data on wp_bp_xprofile_data table?

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Stupid that buddy press questions are closed as off topic. Google brought me here, and it provided the answer I needed. This is exactly what Stack Exchange sites are for, and if questions about one of the most popular WordPress plugins can't be asked in WordPress Dev, where is it supposed to be asked? – lwitzel Mar 1 at 0:12
I had not noticed that they closed this thread as off-topic. Strange! But fortunately by that time the answer has been already answered. – Debiprasad Mar 2 at 5:35
All third party plugins are off-topic. – Debiprasad Mar 2 at 5:40
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This is how I would update a field named 'Address':

function updateAddress() {

    global $current_user;

    $newAddress = '123 New Street';

    xprofile_set_field_data('Address', $current_user->id,  $newAddress);

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