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How can I disallow contributors on my site from seeing what other posts are published on the site, and only see their own?

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I hope you are talking about wp-admin section. If yes just place this code in your functions.php file

add_action( 'load-edit.php', 'posts_for_current_contributor' );
function posts_for_current_contributor() {
    global $user_ID;

    if ( current_user_can( 'contributor' ) ) {
       if ( ! isset( $_GET['author'] ) ) {
          wp_redirect( add_query_arg( 'author', $user_ID ) );

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@Giri: Thanks for the answer but it's not perfect yet.

Admin can modify the query arg "author" manually and they will be able to view the other

if ( ! isset( $_GET['author'] ) ) {

The line above should also check if $_GET['author'] is not current user

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