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When Im in wp-admin and editing a page and whant to make underline, bold and italic it dont appear on the site. I understand therese something i have to define in the css or thru wp-admin ?

NOTE: I want the user to easly edit and i know how to do it thru css. But what I want is to edit thru the edit-page.

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Can you post the code displaying the content on the frontend, if you have links leading their too that would be a great help. As it currently stands your question simply doesn't have enough information to give an answer to – Tom J Nowell Jan 15 '13 at 12:18
Thanks but its solved now. Thank you for the help! – M3o Jan 15 '13 at 15:53
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If it is editor mode specific, then make a CSS file named: editor-style.css and then add the following code into functions.php within PHP tags:

// This theme styles the visual editor with editor-style.css to match the theme style.

Now put some CSS code to match the site's CSS into the editor.

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Found the soulution.

It was in the Css-reset

font: inherit; should be removed.

Then it will apply in wp-admin.

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