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Is it possible to get a specific Gallery ID inserted to a post in wordpress 3.5? I want to load gallery from post using Ajax. I use shortcode [gallery] to do it. But when I use it this way:

echo do_shortcode('[gallery id="'.$_POST['postid'].'"]');

I get all images attached to the post with $_POST['postid'] and not images from the gallery which is inserted to that post.

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The second one helped me, thank you. –  Paul Jan 15 '13 at 12:18

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The plain, old [gallery] should still work here.

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In single.php i put this code, from this link (thank you Wyck) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14277794/wordpress-3-5-own-gallery-with-included-images-doesnt-work

preg_match('/\[gallery.*ids=.(.*).\]/', $post_content, $ids);
$array_id = explode(",", $ids[1]);

Now I can use gallery shortcode [gallery ids=" id's from $array_id here "]

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