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To all newcommers the WP3.5 show the floating hint about new abilities of 3.5 version placed on top left coner of screen saying:

We’ve combined the admin bar and the old Dashboard header into one persistent toolbar. Hover over the toolbar items to see what’s new. {close}

after close-click the hint disapeared for good. And this was my case. but after use of Search&Replace plugin on my mysql database i got this banner again, and this time it is not clicable and still atached to top left corner unless i change screen for other wordpress activity i.e. apearance or something other than initial dashboard. I wonder where i do look for fix in database? I joined a screenshot of this banner (ru_RU)

WP3.5 non-removable hint

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Dismissed pointers are stored as user meta, you can inspect this for yourself with:

$meta = get_user_meta( wp_get_current_user() );
print_r( $meta['dismissed_wp_pointers'] );

In your case, the meta might be empty or damaged, to update dismissed pointers for ALL users on your blog, you could run this function (only once):

function wpse80084_dismiss_wp_pointers()
    $dismissed = array( 'wp330_toolbar','wp330_media_uploader','wp330_saving_widgets','wp340_choose_image_from_library' );
    $dismissed = implode( ',', $dismissed );
    $users = get_users();
    foreach ( $users as $user )
        update_user_meta( $user->ID, 'dismissed_wp_pointers', $dismissed );
add_action( 'admin_init', 'wpse80084_dismiss_wp_pointers' );
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Great, SOLVED with your aid. I just looked at user_meta and found that my user had only dismissed_wp_pointers wp350_media so as advised i changed the value to correct one I did it in slightly different manner - installed a new blog and then copy-pasted the dismissed_wp_pointers value in phpmyadmin all these wp330_toolbar,wp330_saving_widgets,wp340_choose_image_from_library,wp340_customi‌​ze_current_theme_link,wp350_media – Yurij73 Jan 11 '13 at 18:06

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