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Is it possible to sort product categories?

I have a category with a lot of subcategories. On the category page all the subcategories is listed. Right now I can only change the order by drag and drop in the admin panel. But that is very time consuming with a lot of categories. Any way to change the order without using drag and drop?

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Did I ask the question in a wrong way? I got a minus, but I'm not sure why. Something I should change or have missed? – EmilF Jan 12 '13 at 20:20
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Woocommerce stores 'order' metakeys in the table wp_woocommerce_termmeta. The mechanism it uses is the same as menu_order for posts.

Something like this should work:

$terms = get_terms('product_cat');

//sort $terms somehow

$i = -1;

foreach ($terms as $term) {
  update_woocommerce_term_meta( $term->id, 'order', $i);

The same procedure can be used to sort other Woocommerce taxonomies such as product_tag and Product Attributes. For a Product Attribute named Size, the taxonomy would be pa_size, and you should replace 'order' by order_pa_size

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I would +2 that answer if I could – Ben Nov 24 '14 at 6:39

You can sort product categories by drag-and-drop. Notice that your mouse cursor turns into a hand when over a category row? Grab it and drag to its new position in the list. Job is done.

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Yeah, I have just done it with drag and drop. It does however take a long time with over 100 categories. Thanks for the answer. – EmilF Jan 12 '13 at 20:17

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