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I recently created a site and installed Jetpack and activated it, but it gives me the following error:

Jetpack could not contact WordPress.com: register_http_request_failed. This usually means something is incorrectly configured on your web host. Failed to connect to Permission denied

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Are you inputting your WordPress.com username and password? Note: it's not asking for your self-hosted WP admin login info. – akTed Jan 10 '13 at 8:30
it asks to click on the button in order to connect to wordpress.com when I click it I get this error – Yousuf Tafhim Jan 10 '13 at 8:34
Sorry, I misunderstood the question. – akTed Jan 10 '13 at 8:38
activate jetpack, on the top a div appears asking to connect to wordpress.com (to enable the features), I click it and the above error appears – Yousuf Tafhim Jan 10 '13 at 8:46
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I was receiving an error similar to this on one of my past sites. Turned out that my host was blocking XML-RPC requests to remote servers. My solution: switch hosts (unless you're running on a VPS where you can configure your server).

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