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Is this possible? I want to use Gravity Forms or another hook to somehow write to the END of a user_meta field - not overwrite it.

For example...


$purchase_history = get_the_author_meta('purchase_history', $user->ID);
echo $purchase_history; ('Concert in the Park 01/12/2004')


echo $purchase_history; ('Concert in the Park 01/12/2004', 'Pancake Breakfast 05/15/2005')

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Use get_user_meta():

$original = get_user_meta( 

echo $original . ' Pancake Breakfast 05/15/2005';

To update the value use update_user_meta():

    $original . 'Pancake Breakfast 05/15/2005' 
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thanks. i realized this concept after i asked, but now just need to research how to get gravity forms to let me hook into it. have any ideas on that? – GhostToast Jan 9 '13 at 22:43

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