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Is it possible to insert links in Wordpress's wysiwyg editor that will convert to pretty permalinks when enabled?

i.e. the links would be this without pretty permalinks:


But with permalinks on, it would become this:


I'm thinking I'd have to use a shortcode to do that right? Something that would use the ID and wp_list_pages() for pages at least... just thinking about a way to get links in content to work when permalinks are on and off.



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Here is example of simple shortcode that will take ID as argument and echo permalink for it:

function link_from_id($atts) {

    if( isset($atts['id']) )
        return get_permalink( (int)$atts['id'] );

add_shortcode('link', 'link_from_id');


[link id=1]

PS by the way non-pretty permalinks will keep working just fine if you enable pretty mode later and, if I remember right, will be redirected to canonical pretty version.

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Thanks for this Rarst, much appreciated - and you're right about non-pretty permalinks working in both contexts. – Osu Jan 27 '11 at 19:40

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