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I'm taking my first foray into plugin development and have got confused pretty quickly. I'm attempting to make a simple plugin that stores hex colours against terms, so you can assign a colour to a tag or category and then use that in a theme.

What I cant figure out is how to get the term_id of a newly created or edited term. I've bolted on a form to 'edit_tag_form' with a colour picker and can access these values through $_POST, but if it's a newly created tag I don't see how my code can know the ID of the newly created one. I need to know the term_id to be able to link it with the hex colour and save it to wp_options.

I'm using the action hook 'edited_term'. I guess for edited existing terms I could get the tag_ID from the query string, but I want to be able to assign colours immediately to newly created tags/categories.

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Use the action created_term. Its first parameter is the $term_id.

It is called in wp_insert_term() in wp-includes/taxonomy.php after a term was successful created:

do_action("created_term", $term_id, $tt_id, $taxonomy);
do_action("created_$taxonomy", $term_id, $tt_id);

The second parameter is the term_taxonomy_id from the term_taxonomy table, and the last parameter is the taxonomy.

So register an action with …

add_action( 'created_term', 'wpse_78858_add_color', 10, 3 );

… and your callback should look like this:

function wpse_78858_add_color( $term_id, $tt_id, $taxonomy )
    # do something
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