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I am creating a Website in WordPress using Contact Form 7. In my site I have several documents on different pages. In order to access those documents, first the user has to fill out a form and then he/she will receive a mail with a link to access that PDF.
My Question is - how can I redirect the form after successful submission to the original page and please remember that I have different pages and all of them are using the same form...

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In Contact Form 7 below each form there would be an Additional Settings metabox. You could redirect the form to a particular page after successful submission by putting the following in the Additional Settings metabox.

on_sent_ok: "location = 'http://example.com/thank-you/';"
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Thanks for your reply Joshua but I have tried this and the problem while using this is that It redirects to a particular page and as I want that the form should redirect to different pages based clicking on the links that are on different pages. –  Shivali Jan 8 '13 at 9:54

The way I do this on a few client sides is adding a Javascript function and referencing this in the settings metabox like this:

on_sent_ok: "wpcf7GotoSluggedUri('/my-base-url');"

And then I add this JS function to the themes_header. This could include any logic you want like history.back() to go to the page visited before or something based on the current URL like in the following example:

function wpcf7GotoSluggedUri(uri) {
    var cur_uri = document.location.pathname.split('/'),
    slug_array = new Array('slug-1', 'slug-2', 'slug-3');

    if( jQuery.inArray(cur_uri[1], slug_array) > -1 ) {
        document.location = '/' + cur_uri[1] + uri;

You could also easily use this to pass a value generated in PHP:

function wpcf7GotoSluggedUri() {
    document.location = '<?php echo $theValueFromPHP; ?>';

But be aware that the whole "on_sent_ok" stuff only works on AJAX submit. If JS is disabled and the form is submitted via $_POST the redirect doesn't work.

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Why not get the attachment directly, create the email, then send it all at once without the redirection. Contact Form 7 has a before mail send function:

function send_pdf( $cf7Obj ){
    global $post;

    if($post->ID == 123){
        $cf7Obj->uploaded_files = array('pdf' => $pdf_file_path);
add_action( 'wpcf7_before_send_mail', 'send_pdf' );

You would need to get the file path for the PDF. It's a pretty powerful function - you can check out the docs here

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