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I just wondered what this row in the Wordpress Database refers to?

32  gzipcompression 0

I stumbled upon it in the WP options table. What if I set the value to 1.

I do already have gzipcompression enabled via htaccess, so I simply wondered what this is?

Thank you for your answer.

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It's set in schema.php, the WordPress Administration Scheme API. You can also find it in the Codex.

As you can see from a search through core, there's (as far as my search went) exactly no use case for it, aside from defining it as 0 when adding that option to the DB.

If you want to know if it's working on your site, just enter your URL here.

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This option was used years ago to activate a handler for output buffering. It was off by default, and it didn’t work very good when enabled. Will be removed completely eventually.

See Ticket #12996.

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