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I am using this plugin, but it does not show profile information of user.
The problem is I do not want to authenticate before showing profile information of user.
This plugin only shows the registration details, i.e.username, email etc.
Is there any way I can - or any plugin by which - see the full profile information of a user before authenticating them?

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If you have the user 'id', 'slug', 'email', or 'login' you can use get_user_by to pull user information.

From the Codex:

$user = get_user_by('email', 'user@email.com');
echo 'User is ' . $user->first_name . ' ' . $user->last_name;
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Not sure if it'll help, but I use the Absolute Privacy plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/absolute-privacy/). This one allows user moderation as well, but before a user is approved, you are able to visit their profile page and see what they filled out. Pretty easy to catch the fake ones. The plugin hasn't been updated in a couple of years, but still works fine for me on the latest WP and BP releases.

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