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I have a Wordpress + Buddypress site.

I've created two custom fields which must be filled in each post. Also, I have a form in a custom metabox to show them.

I'm using WyPiekacz plugin to check for minimun words, tags, and categories. So it would be nice if I can tweak it a litle to check if these custom fields were filled or not, and set the post status to draft if the custom fields were empty.

Thanks :)

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I have no experience with this plugin. But when I look at the source, I think something like this should do it:

add_filter( 'wypiekacz_check_post', 'wpse_78395check' );

function wpse_78395check( $errors )
    if ( empty ( $_POST['custom_field_name'] ) )
        $errors[] = array (
            __( 'Custom error message', 'your_textdomain' )

    return $errors;

Replace all strings in this example with something useful. :)

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:D I just did a litle change to your answer, and now it works: add_filter( 'wypiekacz_check_post', 'creepy_fuentecheck' ); function creepy_fuentecheck( $errors ) { global $post; $mustFill = ''; $mustFill = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'custom_field_name', true); if ( empty ( $mustFill ) ) $errors[] = array ( 'fuente_vacia', __( 'Por favor, agrega la fuente', 'wypiekacz' ) ); return $errors; } Thanks! – mautematico Jan 6 '13 at 6:59

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