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This is more of a conceptual question, but it has actual ramifications.

Going through the various SEO plugins I found nowhere a PHP tag that should be embedded in the actual HTML page and echo the meta data. How does it work then?

Simply saving it to the DB doesn't seem enough. What is the mechanism through which the plugin "injects" the SEO data to the page?

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In case you are talking about adding meta tags and changing the title they rely on wp_head action being fired at theme header before the </head>tag is generated.

For changing the title they probably use the wp_title filter. Older versions of "all in one seo" used to buffer the head section and replace the title tag in something like

function start_buf( {

function end_buf() {
  $head = ob_get_contents();
  $head = string replace '<title>....</title>' in $head with the configured title
  echo $head;
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