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I'm looking at the wordpress list of actions and trying to find an action that is called when a post is restored from the trash but cannot find one. Does anyone know if it exists?

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There are multiple actions. Listed in order of appearance with their parameters:

  • untrash_post - (int) $post_id // before restoring
  • transition_post_status - (string) $new_status, 'trash', (object) $post
  • trash_to_{$new_status} - (object) $post // useful to address a special trash to status action
  • untrash_post_comments - (int) $post_id // before associated comments are untrashed
  • untrashed_post_comments - (int) $post_id // after associated comments are untrashed
  • untrashed_post - (int) $post_id // after restoring

Related answer with more statuses: Execute function when post is published

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great answer. The particular one I was looking for was untrashed_post. – Omar Jackman Jan 3 '13 at 23:13

I found it in wp-includes/post.php and its called untrashed_post. For some reason wordpress chose not to include it on their action reference page at http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Action_Reference

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