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I have a big issue on catching attributes from global $post_object in a page template file.

I have a Template Name: Blog Page which is template-blog.php

On that page I use the current page permalink to load more posts using Ajax.

So basically I do Ajax Requests in the same URL, and on template-blog.php is a condition if $_POST['load_more'] is true, if yes than return a portion of posts.

My problem is I cant get the page ID or page permalink using the $post variable when this page is set as the Blog Page on WordPress (Settings-Reading-Posts Page).

When the template-blog.php is set-up as the posts page, the $post variable is the first post which $wp_query has on it's post's array.

I hope I was clear enough.


On normal page State the Permalink is the Page Permalink:

$link = get_the_permalink();

But when this page is set-up as Posts Page the Permalink is the Permalink of the first posts on $wp_query:

$link = get_the_permalink();
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Do not post the AJAX request to the page you are viewing, use the AJAX API instead.

To get the permalink for the blog page use:

get_permalink( get_option( 'page_for_posts' ) );
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Ok than forget about Ajax, but how can i get the Permalink if i need if page is on that State ? – Burimi Jan 4 '13 at 10:50

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