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I was having an issue the other day and successfully got a very good answer which helped me alot achive what I wanted. this is the post which I created and have all the correspondence:


The answer was kindly contributed courtesy of @Sagive SEO

This script currently displays all authors in an order of most posts written.

I would like to change it to simply display all authors randomly regardless of how many posts they wrote.

Hope to get an answer, thanks a lot Gil

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What you need here is to shuffle all the array elements & then display them. But since php's shuffle() function doesn't preserve array key associations, here's a version that does.

function shuffle_assoc(&$array) {
    $keys = array_keys($array);
    foreach($keys as $key) {
        $new[(string)$key] = $array[$key];
    $array = $new;
    return true;

Add this function somewhere in your functions.php & replace arsort($authorsArray); with shuffle_assoc($authorsArray); in the code suggested in the previous question

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Works just like magic! thanks a lot @Mridul Aggarwal! – gil hamer Jan 2 '13 at 14:35

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