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I need the Wordpress menu to include the 'current-menu-ancestor' class to reflect that site is currently in the recipe section. Supposing I have a recipe custom post type. I have the following code in my functions.php but it's not working:

function add_active_item_classes($classes = array(), $menu_item = false){

if ( get_post_type() == 'recipe' && $menu_item->title == 'Recipes') {
$classes[] = 'current-menu-ancestor';

return $menuclasses;

Also I don't know what filter hooks I will use to have this effect? Thanks for your suggestion and assistance.

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This is the final working code:

function additional_active_item_classes($classes = array(), $menu_item = false){
global $wp_query;

if(in_array('current-menu-item', $menu_item->classes)){
    $classes[] = 'current-menu-item';

if ( $menu_item->post_name == 'product' && is_post_type_archive('product') ) {
    $classes[] = 'current-menu-item';

if ( $menu_item->post_name == 'product' && is_singular('product') ) {
    $classes[] = 'current-menu-item';

return $classes;
add_filter( 'nav_menu_css_class', 'additional_active_item_classes', 10, 2 );

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WTF is this? It doesn't add the current-menu-ancestor class and you declare global $wp_query but never use it. Please figure out what the hell you are doing before trying to help others. – developerbmw Jan 11 at 20:20

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