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WP 3.5/TwentyTwelve/Clean install. I try this when login as admin and editor.

I try add reply for first post "Hello World":


and get popup window

enter image description here.

Is it porential security risk or can no care? Thanks for advance..

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The answer is in your question.

I try this when login as admin and editor.

The roles have the unfiltered_html capability that allows them to put whatever HTML they choose, including <script> tags, where ever they choose.

Is is a security risk? Only if you give folks you don't trust admin and/or editor roles. Or someone gains access to your an admin/editor account. Or there's another security hole somewhere in the core that allows privilege escalation from a lower to higher user level (unlikely).

By itself, it's not a security risk. Admin and editors need to be able to do things to actually manage the site.

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Okay, thank you very much! I accidentally added the line and a little scared when I saw the result :) –  user15194 Jan 1 '13 at 9:46

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