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I would like to create an additional size for uploaded images which my users can then "insert into post". I understand that add_image_size() will add a new image size which I can use in my theme, but that new size isn't available on the media upload screen.

Is there a way to get new sizes to appear on that screen so they're available to people as they add/edit posts? I have a tweaky theme that needs more than just the default 3 sizes + original.


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Here's another solution to simply add your additional image sizes to the list of sizes that can be inserted into posts. It worked great for me.


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Thanks!! This is even better than the plugin solution I found in terms of the situation I was in - writing a custom theme & not wanting to rely on external plugins. – Michelle Feb 28 '11 at 19:01

I cracked open the code and there doesn't seem to be a way to do this.

The list of thumbnail sizes that WP iterates through while rendering those radio buttons is hard-coded, and there don't seem to be any filters or actions to hook in to.

This is really strange. I'd fully expect there to be a way to do this.

Do people need to be able to insert ANY of your custom sizes into posts at any given time? Or are some of them only used in templates? I guess what I'm asking is, is it possible to just make one or more of the default sizes (thumb, medium, large) the ones that get added in posts, and save any additional versions for custom sizes? Know what I mean?

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Thanks for looking! I don't need all my custom sizes available, but I do need the defaults + one more. I did find a pair of plugins that together will enable me to do this: Max Image Size Control (wordpress.org/extend/plugins/max-image-size-control) + WP Smart Image II (wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-smart-image-ii). But, I don't really want to add 2 plugins for something that seems like it should be so simple. Guess I need to backward-engineer what those plugins are doing... Thanks again!! – Michelle Jan 26 '11 at 23:15

Just found a new plugin which seems to do exactly what I described above:


Hope this helps someone!

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