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I am trying to creating some custom options for a template I am developing but I am getting an error when the checkbox (Line 130) is unchecked:

Warning: Illegal string offset 'show_admin_dev' in E:\composite-cms\WordPress-Settings-Sandbox-master\lib\admin\pages\dev-page.php on line 11

This is the line that seems to be throwing the error:

if ( $options['show_admin_dev'] == 1 )

The entire code can be found on GitHub.

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Your problem is that you haven't included a sanitization function as the third parameter to register_settings on line 111. When no sanitization provided WordPress deletes the value of the option and creates a new one based only on what is passed in $_POST. Since unchecked checkboxes are not sent by the browser at all you end up with $options['show_admin_dev'] being not set.

You should try to add sanitization which adds the value if it is not in the option


function ccms_developer_sanit($newval) {
  if (!isset($newval['show_admin_dev'])) 
    $newval['show_admin_dev'] = 0;

  return $newval;
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Thanks that fixed that issue, in short i was being a dumdum. – CompositeUK Dec 27 '12 at 13:04
nah, I think the setting API is not intuative. Too easy to miss an important detail and it is harder to debug. – Mark Kaplun Dec 27 '12 at 14:49

It appears that $options['show_admin_dev'] is actually a string, not an integer. You're trying to compare a string to an integer, which really annoys newer versions of PHP.

When setting the default option (line 69), you have show_admin_dev set to '0'. Removing the quotes around this should prevent the error.

You can also convert $options['show_admin_dev'] to an integer in the comparison using the intval() function:

if ( intval( $options['show_admin_dev'] ) == 1 )
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