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Is it possible to add a class or ID to next/prev image links in attachment.php?

I tried like this but it didn't work:

<?php next_image_link( false, 'Next', array('class' => 'next')); ?>
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Any progress? Was my answer useful? – toscho Jan 2 '13 at 17:21
yup 100% working, thanks – wp student Feb 1 '13 at 13:31
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There two hooks to filter these links: previous_image_link and next_image_link. So we can add these classes per filter:

add_filter( 'previous_image_link', 'wpse_77296_img_link_class' );
add_filter( 'next_image_link',     'wpse_77296_img_link_class' );

 * Add CSS class to image navigation links.
 * @wp-hook previous_image_link
 * @wp-hook next_image_link
 * @param   string $link Complete markup
 * @return  string
function wpse_77296_img_link_class( $link )
    $class = 'next_image_link' === current_filter() ? 'next' : 'prev';

    return str_replace( '<a ', "<a class='$class'", $link );
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