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I have a multisite that was set up on WordPress 3.4. That means that uploads for sub-sites are stored in wp-content/blogs.dir/{blog_id}/files and are served through ms-files.php.

In WordPress 3.5, ms-files.php was disbanded completely for new installs and uploads are stored and accessed at wp-content/uploads/sites/{blog_id}.

Is there anyway I can switch my install from the pre-3.5 way of serving/uploading files to the new way? I would like to continue serving uploads through files/ for current blogs, if possible.

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In theory:

  1. Move images from blogs.dir/SITENUM/files/ to /uploads/SITENUM/ (or make an alias)
  2. Edit all sites so they don't look in /files/ but in /uploads/SITENUM/
  3. .htaccess, remove the ms-files.php line
  4. Search/replace each posts table for each site, changing /files/ to /uploads/SITENUM/

A walk-through can be found here (dumping ms-files), this is not a trivial hack! It involves command-line usage, sql, and using a mu-plugin.


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May I recommend editing the chosen answer to suggest /uploads/sites/SITENUM to stay coherent with upstream defaults? – lkraav Dec 19 '15 at 22:28
There's an additional step: you should add ms_files_rewriting key with an empty value to wp_sitemeta. site_id = 1 – lkraav Dec 20 '15 at 0:23

I just opened a ticket about supporting old /files/ links: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/23755#comment:1

There is a solution in that ticket which requiring editing ms-files. I am not happy with editing core but i dont wanna break any working sites with defining BLOGUPLOADDIR networkwide. I hope it helps for old /files/ link and i hope we can find a better way without editing core.

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