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I am working with a paginate_comments_links() function and the thing is that I have customized it slightly (wrapped with a div), I need to check if check box "Break comments into pages..." in WP admin -> Settings -> Discussion Settings -> Other comment settings was checked. So the question is how would I grab the results? The issue is that if it is not checked paginate_comments_links() will not do anything, but my div will appear.

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The check is done with get_option('page_comments').

But you could use another solution:

$prev = get_previous_comments_link();
$next = get_next_comments_link();

if ( '' !== $prev . $next )
    echo "<div>$prev $next</div>";
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Awesome, get_option('page_comments') exactly what I was looking for. – Ed T. Dec 22 '12 at 19:07

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