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Im working on a website where I need to create a submenu that shows only the parent pages. When I click on one of the parents it has to show the children from that parent.

Here is the menu hierarchy I used this widget plugin: Subpages Extended for showing the parents and children:

  • Parent
    • Parent1 from parent
      • Child1 from parent1
      • Child2 from parent1
    • Parent2 from parent
      • Child1 from parent2
      • Child2 from parent2

Could you explain me or give an example/tutorial on how to do it?


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i think you don't have to use any plugin for that, check out:

and $depth to control the levels you want to display.

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But how can I unfold that parent to see the children? – user24828 Dec 17 '12 at 7:59

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