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Now that Wordpress has updated to version 3.5, the media gallery has been overhauled and this custom options solution doesn't appear to work anymore. I'd like to add a couple of fields to the gallery, so that a client doesn't have to manually add these fields to the gallery shortcode.

Does anyone know how to add custom fields with the new 3.5 gallery?

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Apparently, we'll have to wait for 3.5.1 or .2 ... The file that renders the attachment details in the Add Media screen doesn't seem to have any hook for this. – brasofilo Dec 14 '12 at 1:54

It looks like the nightly builds of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin can (mostly) handle this now, so you could try installing that. Details on this support issue.

I can't update my copy of it to test right now but this is what it would look like in the admin:

enter image description here

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As of today the "Location" is called "Forms->Attachment" and it only adds the field to individual media items, not to galleries as the question asks. – MarcGuay Jul 18 at 22:45

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