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Is there a way to add a custom maintenance page from theme folder?

I have the code for the activate maintenance mode but i can't get the styling..

function activate_maintenance_mode() {
    if ( !(current_user_can( 'administrator' ) ||  current_user_can( 'super admin' ))) {
        '<h1>Website Under Maintenance</h1><p>Hi, our Website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance.
        Please check back very soon.<br /><strong>Sorry for the inconvenience!</strong></p>', 'Maintenance Mode');
add_action('get_header', 'activate_maintenance_mode');

Thanks in advance, Nikola.

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Are you asking how to use a theme template as your maintenance page? – totels Dec 12 '12 at 2:17

When WordPress goes into maintenance mode, it adds a file named .maintenance to the wordpress directory while the maintenance is being performed, then it's removed afterwards.

You can write a function inside your theme's functions.php that checks for this file and goes to your theme's maintenance page.

Here's how I did it:

if ( ! function_exists( 'wpse84987_maintenance_mode' ) ) {
    function wpse84987_maintenance_mode() {
        if ( file_exists( ABSPATH . '.maintenance' ) ) {
            include_once get_stylesheet_directory() . '/maintenance.php';
    add_action( 'wp', 'wpse84987_maintenance_mode' );

Put your maintenance content in the maintenance.php page inside your theme folder and you're all set to style it however you would like.

If you use the wp_die function, you'll get the standard white box on grey background. This way lets you style your maintenance page like you would any other theme page.

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