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I'm trying to filter out the excerpt by character length for a plugin called "List Category Posts". I've been trying to get the excerpts working for the past week, but nothing is doing the trick. The plugin actually comes with a feature that allows you to post the excerpt or not, then filter it by character length.. by adding "excerpt_size=" in the shortcode. But unfortunately, it doesn't work at this time, and I've tested it with multiple different themes. Anyways, here is the code it uses to get the excerpt:

public function get_excerpt($single){
    if (
            $this->params['excerpt']=='yes' &&
            !($this->params['content']=='yes' &&
            $single->post_content) ){
         * Strip shortcodes - #5
         * http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/strip_shortcodes
            return $single->post_excerpt;
        $lcp_excerpt = strip_shortcodes(strip_tags($single->post_content));
        $exc_lim = intval($this->params['excerpt_size']);
        $lcp_excerpt = mb_substr($lcp_excerpt, 0, $exc_lim) . '...';
        return $lcp_excerpt;
    } else {
        return null;

and the excerts are set by default like so (I've tried changing the 'excerpt_size' default parameter below, and it did not work):

'excerpt' => 'no',
'excerpt_size' => '255',

I don't even need a grand solution to get the whole shortcode excerpt filter to work with any number I enter. If anyone could help me get it to work so all the excerpt character lengths are say, 100. That would be amazing!

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You need to have

'excerpt' => 'yes',
'excerpt_size' => '100',
'content' => 'no'

... when get_excerpt runs. You can set $params like that but what you posted is not all of the code. It is using $this which means it is part of a class (or you'd get errors). Somewhere in that class something might be altering the defaults, and I suspect something does. If that doesn't work you need to edit your question to provide more of the code.

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