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Twenty Ten gives the option to change the background image of the header.

Where is the code involved in this feature? (uploading the picture and adding the picture).

I would like to mimic this feature to archive the following:

Upload a custom logo and upload various images (maybe 10) into a slider.

So front-page.php would look like this:

Custom Logo:

<div id=logo>
   <!-- add custom logo here -->

Custom images for slider:

<div id=nivo-slider>
   <!--- add the uploaded images for the slider here -->

EDIT: I realised that the theme uses this: add_custom_image_header(). Does Wordpress have a similar function to add other type of custom images (like logo, feature image, etc...) ?

(The simpler way I found was this, but I think it has a bug. In order for the image to appear, I have to upload it twice).

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The only currently available Theme Features of this kind are for header and background.

Sliders are very popular feature so best bet to get such functionality is look through available plugins.

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