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I've run into a weird issue. Not a big deal, but I'm curious about the cause.

I was making a small edit to a site built by someone else; it was also temporary, so I was just using the built-in theme editor. The index.php that is loaded in the theme editor is not the version that currently exists in the theme folder; it seems to be a cached, previous version.

This wouldn't be so unusual except that it is only affecting index.php. For every other theme file, changes showed up if I made them on my desktop and FTP'd the file up; likewise, changes made in the theme editor appeared in the actual files.

I have tried:

  • switching themes to and from the correct one
  • resetting my permalinks in case it was an .htaccess issue
  • deactivating and reactivating all plugins (there are no caching plugins installed)

Any ideas?

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Maybe a child theme is in use? I usually find that the problem is with me looking in the wrong directory, not the system. Not saying that's what you're doing, but that usually what happens to me. – Brent Dec 12 '12 at 0:42

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