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Hi I'm try to get an if statement to work.

I want to display some HTML code if the post is created by a specific author.

This is what I'm come up with but it doesn't work.

<?php if ( get_posts ($post->ID, 'post_author', true) == '20')
  { ?>  HTML <?php } ?> 

Thank You

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In what context is this code to be used? Inside the loop? Outside the loop? – Chip Bennett Nov 27 '12 at 17:10

The get_posts() function retrieves posts from the database. If I understand you correctly, that's not what you want though, you simply mean to check the author of the post currently displayed.

You can simply use $post->post_author. If outside the Loop, you have to call upon the $post global first.


global $post; // only required outside the loop

if ( 20 === $post->post_author ) {
    // do stuff

will do what you want.

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Thanks Johannes that worked just need to add the ' to 20 to get '20' – user24126 Nov 28 '12 at 15:54
The $post_author property of the $post object should be an integer and not a string, hence 20 should do. If you experience it differently though, then you must be right in adding the apostrophes. Alternatively, you could use == instead of === as a comparison operator, which is less strict does not check for variable type (20 == '20' returns true whereas 20 === '20' returns false). If this helped you, you could mark this answer as correct (checkmark on the left hand). – Johannes Pille Nov 28 '12 at 16:06

Assuming you're inside the loop, you can use get_the_author(), which returns the Author Display Name:

if ( 'Author Display Name' == get_the_author() ) {
    // This post is written by the
    // specified author; do something

Note that get_the_author() accepts no parameters, and as such must be used from inside the Loop.

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