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I want to show the range of my houses as per size. Ranges will be:


HTML code

<select name="size" id="search-type" class="text<?php echo $select_wide; ?>">
    <option value=""><?php _e('Size..', TS_DOMAIN); ?>&hellip;</option>
    <option name="size" value="1">1-50 M2</option>
    <option name="size" value="5000">50-100 M2</option>
    <option name="size" value="10000">100-150 M2</option>
    <option name="size" value="15000">150-200 M2</option>
    <option name="size" value="20000">200-250 M2</option>
    <option name="size" value="999999">+250 M2</option>     

PHP code

// check size custom fields

    $meta_query_size = array(    
        'key' => '_size',
        'value' => array($search_get['size'],10000),
        'compare' => 'BETWEEN',
        'type' => 'NUMERIC'

Note: If I use the query below, then it works, but not for between.

// check size custom fields

    $meta_query_size = array(
            'key' => '_size',
            'value' => $search_get['size'],
            'compare' => '<=',
            'type' => 'NUMERIC'

Please advise.

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Perhaps something wrong with your incoming variable? try without $variable. simply with already setted value and check results.

  'value' => array(100,10000)
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