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I'm using WooCommerce for my store, and I need to be able to extend the Coupon post type... I need to add a selectable attribute of membership_term ...

How do you extend a CPT created by another plugin? Is there an official hook that I'm not seeing to be able to modify an existing CPT?

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I am not sure exactly what you are trying to 'extend', or how you want to extend it, but you can alter posts types with add_post_type_support, remove_post_type_support, and a few other functions.

You can add metaboxes to the post type with add_meta_box setting the $post_type argument to the name used to register your post type. (Examples are on the Codex page) Unless the original plugin provided a hook you won't be able to directly alter its metaboxes but you can use remove_meta_box to remove existing boxes and then add back a near clone of the metabox with your changes.

You will have to hook into save_post or admin_action_{$_REQUEST[action]} to save any additional fields you create.

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So for example, the post type has a meta box with a bunch of attributes ... I need to add another one, so that when the post type is saved, it will be included. – dcolumbus Nov 23 '12 at 19:45

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