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After installing/activating AWPCP (Another Wordpress Classified Plugin), when I type wp-admin/ I get a blank page but with /wp-login.php the login appears.

I this there's a problem with redirection or .htaccess with that plugin but I can't find out what it is.

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the plugin is causing a 500 error but php debugging is turned off. The fix it, FTP into the server and remove the plugin then your admin will be back up and running.

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Looks like (for me) your plugin generate PHP Fatal Error on wp-admin initiatation. And this dosn't have any relation to redirection. Suggest you to debug it with WP_DEBUG. Enabling it and you will be able to see what errors generated whan you opening wp-admin.

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Even with WP_DEBUG = true , nothing else is showing. Viewing the source show me 4 empty lines. – Warface Nov 20 '12 at 14:15
hm... debug plugin code? – qwerty qwerty Nov 20 '12 at 14:17

Maybe the wrong mode for copy files of the plugin via FTP? If the WP_DEBUG have no return, then it is this or whitespace on the start or end of the plugin files.

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