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I was looking at the method below to reorder the Admin Menu Sections:


...and was wondering if it's possible to reorder the submenu sections using similar method.

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Yes there is, but I cannot find a simpler way...

Here, we are changing the Media submenu and inverting Add new and Library.

add_filter( 'custom_menu_order', 'wpse_73006_submenu_order' );

function wpse_73006_submenu_order( $menu_ord ) 
    global $submenu;

    // Enable the next line to inspect the $submenu values
    // echo '<pre>'.print_r($submenu,true).'</pre>';

    $arr = array();
    $arr[] = $submenu['upload.php'][10];
    $arr[] = $submenu['upload.php'][5];
    $submenu['upload.php'] = $arr;

    return $menu_ord;
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