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I need a simple way of assigning a custom icon whenever a category gets listed.

I am using Custom Post Types and Taxonomies with Views and Types (plugins).

For example, I have a Custom Post Type of Properties > and categories of Commercial/Residential/Hotels (each need an icon).

Maybe assigning a class some how to each would be a good way...

I think this would be a very useful thing for a lot of people so would really appreciate any thoughts/suggestions!

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Where are those lists? Front-end, back-end? Please be specific. – toscho Nov 16 '12 at 5:47

If your theme uses body_class and post_class then you should have CSS enough to do this.

Make a <div> for your icon.

<div class="mycategoryicon"></div>

Add some style.

.category-slug .mycategoryicon {
    background:#ffffff url('slug-icon.jpg') no-repeat;

The "slug" part of the class name should be your actual category slug. Height and width can of course be whatever you need.

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