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I'm trying to create a single page wordpress theme. Whenever I add a new page, I want a new to be added to my Single page theme. I'm currently using this code:

$pages = get_pages( array ( 'sort_order' => 'asc', 'sort_column' => 'menu_order', 'depth' => 1));

        foreach ( $pages as $page ) {  
        $page_section = str_replace( " ", "", strtolower( $page->post_name ) );

        echo '<section id="' . $page_section . '" dataslug="' . $page_section . '"  ></section>';

What I want is for it to create a new with an ID and Dataslug that match the page name (which is also the label on the link in the Menu). For example, say I insert a page called about, The menu item will read "about" and this code will be added to the page

<section id="about" dataslug="about"></section>
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Figured it out, there is no such thing as "dataslug", changed it to "data-slug" and it worked perfectly. Really stupid mistake.

I guess most people don't use the tag, but if anyone wants to know you could easily replace it with a and give it a 'scrollto' class using the scrollto jquery plugin. Just a thought.

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