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I'm trying to get with


the meta_key where the meta_value is 'ive-read-this'

But I do not get the value. What should I do?

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I agree with @Simon Blackbourn, but for arguments sake, here's one technique:

$data = get_user_meta( $user_id );
$data = wp_list_filter( $data, array( 'ive-read-this' ) );
$keys = array_keys( $data );
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Bearing in mind I haven't seen the rest of your code or know the context of your question, I would suggest that you're doing it wrong: you should always know the name of a usermeta that you're trying to retrieve.

If you're trying to determine if a post has been read by a user, you could save the user ID as a postmeta, maybe that's a better solution?

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Yes, i also thought about going that way. But anyway it takes me wonder if, it's possible this way.. – mnewmedia Nov 12 '12 at 11:56

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