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I am new to wordpress (installed yesterday for first time). In order to add syntax highlighting i installed the WP-Syntax plugin and i copied pasted the following snippet in the edit post window. Its copied from the usage examples.

<pre lang="php">
<div id="foo">
function foo() {
echo "Hello World!\\n";

However when i preview it on the main site i end up seeing the following as it is, whereas i was expecting to see highlighted php code. Could anyone point out what could be the issue?

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Much probably the plugin is conflicting with another plugin or with your theme... Check this troubleshoot guide and also check your browser console to see if any errors are being dump. Close voting as too localized. – brasofilo Nov 11 '12 at 11:52
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Have you looked to see if the correct style sheet is being loaded to change the highlighting? It appears to be a white background with some font styling for the different language. If you want something more than that, you will need to customize the css for it.

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You're right, the css wasnt being loaded correctly. Problem was i was adding that snippet in 'text' view. I changed to 'html' view, pasted it and it worked. Thanks. – N.M. Nov 16 '12 at 8:59

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