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I am setting up a big blog for a client and we're looking to replace the shortlinks in the header and in everything with our custom domain on

I have working code to build the Shortlinks, im just wondering if there is any way to replace the functions so pressing "Get Shortlink" and tweeting links, would use our

Is there a way to add action and replace the existing wp_get_shortlink and a like? To be clear, i want all the same functionality, just with a different short link.

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Totally possible, here is a great walkthough:

Bullet points:

-Write a function that gets the bitly link upon publish

-Remove the default action and add your own

-Call wp_get_shortlink() like normal and bitly will be used

share|improve this answer has released their own official plugin to do all this. – alpha1 Jun 20 '14 at 16:04

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