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I'm creating a WordPress plugin that will copy posts data to a remote database, I know it will take a while to transfer all the posts.

How should I create copy functionality so it won't timeout? Ideally it would run in background and show some notification on completion.

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You could use WordPress' pseudo-cron and wp_schedule_single_event.

// add the action.
add_action('wpse71941_cron', 'wpse71941_long_running');
function wpse71941_long_running($args)
    // might need to call `set_time_limit` here

    // do long running stuff here

    // return normal time limit
    if($l = ini_get('max_execution_time'))

// schedule the event for right now
    array('args' => 'for', 'callback' => 'function')

Not sure if you need to mess with time limit. WP does call ignore_user_abort at the top of the cron script.

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