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A client of mine reviews products on his site, and wants to display the review criteria and score on the last page of each posts. Typically, there are 3-5 pages per post, and I'm looking for a way to check if we're on the last page.

‹!--nextpage--› is used in the post to divide it into pages, and wp_link_pages on the front-end to display pagination links.

I've been able to find ways of checking if we're on page one, or not on page one, or on a specific page. But nothing for checking if we're on the very last page.

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You can find this info in the global vars $multipage, $numpages, and $page

global $multipage, $numpages, $page;
if( $multipage && $page == $numpages )
    echo 'last page';
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That did it, thank you! – Matt Brett Nov 7 '12 at 16:56
thank you. great help. – Eez 2 days ago

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