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I am facing a problem of recreating a featured image function to show different images in different section. I was trying to modify the existing function "Featured Image" and duplicate the post meta box but I am failed...

Could any one help me to sort this out, or give me an idea of how could I set up the Image meta box which I could apply to different page.


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I have found a solution by myself... I was installing a plugin called "Multiple Post Thumbnails" That is really quite useful...

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wordpress 2.9.2 and up has a build in function for post-thumbnails you can use that and you can read about it here

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Unfortunately i don't think that's what Panda was asking, i believe Panda knows about the existing functionality, and is trying to emulate that inside his/her own plugin(or custom code) thats run inside WordPress. – t31os Jan 18 '11 at 16:26

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