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In my planed multisite installation, I want the members to be able to post in one of two different categories.
Members in A can post in 1. Members from B can post in 2. All members can comment everything.

Then, I plan to create a custom page template to the blogs index, and I hope to query all posts from members in 1 and 2, and display title and a minor excerpt (along with avatar image) in separate columns (widgets).

Is this possible? (I am not planning to use Buddypress).

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What does Multisite has to do with this? Should the category limitation be a network feature? – brasofilo Nov 5 '12 at 13:48
Yes, the category limitation is supposed to be an important network feature. – John Olav Oldertrøen Nov 5 '12 at 16:11

For restricting the categories, maybe the plugin Restrict Categories can help. But it doesn't have Multisite capabilities.
Take a look at the filter list_terms_exclusions that it uses in the cat_filter function.

But Role Scoper states that it has "Extensive WP-mu support". May be worth a try.

For the query part, take a look at this Q&A, find a random blogid across my multisite network that has at least one post published.
Basically, you need the functions switch_to_blog and restore_current_blog.

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