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I am trying to add a RSS link on my website archive-pages, which means, Suppose I am on page http://mbas.in/location/mba-in-usa/ then on this page, I will be having a RSS LINK named link, when I click on this link, it should redirect me to http://mbas.in/location/mba-in-usa/feed

When anyone navigates through my archive-pages, they will get RSS FEED OF THAT PAGE just by clicking one link,

for this I tried the following code

<a href="<?php get_permalink(); ?>/feed">RSS feed of this page</a>

but I am not getting that, instead its giving me http://mbas.in/feed

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I made a mess of this in comments, so will start from scratch.

The feed links for archive pages are usually only outputted for browser detection by feed_links_extra().

From looking at its source there is number of different function to get link for the archive pages:

  • get_category_feed_link( $cat_id );
  • get_tag_feed_link( $tag_id );
  • get_term_feed_link( $term_id, $taxonomy ) (this one I found separately, not currently used in automatic feed links).

So catch-all archive feed link that will work for any taxonomy (including categories and terms) can be built like this:

function archive_feed_link() {

    if( is_archive() ) {

        global $wp_query;

        $taxonomy = $wp_query->get_queried_object();

        return get_term_feed_link( $taxonomy->term_id, $taxonomy->taxonomy );
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OK, I tried that also, but instead of giving me that archives-page feed link, it is giving me that archives page first post feed link, You can check the output on this page mbas.in/location/mba-in-usa Just above the google ad, see this link RSS feed of this page – ntechi Jan 18 '11 at 9:35
Ah missed that, if it's archive than permalink makes no sense. Tried the_feed_link('feed'); or echo get_feed_link();? – Rarst Jan 18 '11 at 9:53
@Rarst I tried it, but its giving me the homepages feed, even for echo get_feed_link, that is also returning homepages feed url – ntechi Jan 18 '11 at 10:32
@ntechi sorry, looked at the wrong function. Try get_category_feed_link, only works for categories, there is analogue for tags get_tag_feed_link(). – Rarst Jan 18 '11 at 10:36
@Rarst both I tried, its returning me with some weird URL check this http://mbas.in/location/mba-in-usa/%3Cbr%20/%3E%20%3Cb%3EWarning%3C/b%3E:%20%20‌​Missing%20argument%201%20for%20get_category_feed_link%28%29,%20called%20in%20/hom‌​e/managem3/public_html/mbas/wp-content/themes/cityguide/archive.php%20on%20line%2‌​010%20and%20defined%20in%20%3Cb%3E/home/managem3/public_html/mbas/wp-includes/lin‌​k-template.php%3C/b%3E%20on%20line%20%3Cb%3E570%3C/b%3E%3Cbr/%3E – ntechi Jan 18 '11 at 10:45

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