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I can get latest WP using latest.tar.gz http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz How to get latest plugins? I checked about svn i need to know when new version is out and in command svn sw put latest link so thats bad option. Trunk is bad couse its development so that means it can be not be stable therefore not called stable version. So for WP ill use link latest.tar.gz But what to do with plugins? They have one more problem. They dont have latest. I could use svn if there would be a way to auto get latest without checking all plugins im using do they have new version number and entering it in svn external file. So whats best solution? Is there autochecker? Autodownloader? In website i know but its slow and my server has time limits witch is too small for update to finish.

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If you know Subversion basics and can work with it (and write at least some bash-code), it will be feasible task

All plugins placed in common repo http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org, each plugin is subdir of the root plugins.svn.wordpress.org/PLUGINNAME, published versions (all, not only releases) stored as directories in tags: plugins.svn.wordpress.org/PLUGINNAME/tags/

In order to check new versions of plugins, you have to

  • Know monitored URL
  • Find, install and configure commit-monitor (I know none for *Buntu) or perform svn ls plugins.svn.wordpress.org/PLUGINNAME/tags/ + ... + in cron (when ls output will change - you have new version)
  • Checkout latest tag of lugin
  • Save it to correct server's location
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