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We're looking to use a plugin or custom setup for authors to create pages or posts and publish them as single HTML files. The file could be saved on the server in a specific directory or have a download button from within the editor.

So far we have found 2 plugins that almost achieve this function:

WP Static Output

Really Static

Both work fairly similar but need admin access to generate. They also create the files in the following fashion:


where I would need


Any thoughts on this? Has anyone done something similar? Thanks in advance.

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Plugin recommendation is off-topic now. Maybe a combination of wp_remote_get and file_put_contents can do the job. – brasofilo Oct 31 '12 at 14:57

wget --mirror as part of a cron job may do what you need.

The lack of dynamic content will give the following issues:

  • comment support (which I delegate to disqus)
  • search support (which can be delegated to Google site search, though I haven't implemented that myself)
  • delete of posts no longer work
  • your permalinks should not use the ?postid= form.
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