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In my plugin's options page, I'd like to have custom GET parameters. WordPress already has a "?page=" GET parameter, so simply linking to something like "?myparameter=value" won't work.

I though of reading the "page" parameter, and then linking to something like: "?page=&myparameter=value". This seems workable, but I don't know if its the best practice. The complexity of my plugin really doesn't warrant sub-pages for now.

So is this the best practice or am I missing something?

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I'd recommend using add_query_arg():

  $url = add_query_arg(array(
           ), admin_url('admin.php'));

The second argument, admin_url('admin.php'), is optional - and if omitted it uses the url of the current page you are on.

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Exactly what I needed. Thanks! – AgilE Oct 30 '12 at 16:15

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