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I'm using Contact Form 7 for my forms and also qTranslate to translate my website.

I would like to translate all my fields and for that I used:

<!--:en-->First Name (required)<!--:--><!--:ru-->Фамилия (обязательно)<!--:-->

But it display this:

First Name (required)Фамилия (обязательно)

What should I use to make it work?

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What I normally do when using this combination of plugins is to create one form per language.
Easy and effective.

You could also try qTranslate quicktags: [:en]English text[:ru]Фамилия.
But much probably this will lead to some issues down the road.

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Oh, I see that you already know the quicktags... ;) –  brasofilo Oct 29 '12 at 12:09
Yes, I tried with quiktags and it does not work. It just displays the quicktags like this. [:en]First Name (required)[:ru]Фамилия (обязательно) I think that creating 2 forms is the best solution. (Or maybe the only one) –  kschaeffler Oct 29 '12 at 23:32

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